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In Texas, to be charged with a DWI third, you must have been convicted of two prior DWIs.

What Charges Am I Facing If I’ve Been Arrested For A Third DWI In Texas?

If you’re facing a third DWI, you are facing a third degree felony charge. The punishment range will be from 2 to 10 years in the Texas Department of Corrections and up to a ten thousand dollar fine. You are probation eligible, so it’s not a guaranteed prison sentence. However, prison is quite common.

What Potential Penalties Could I Face If Convicted Of A Third DWI In Texas?

Under Texas state law, some potential penalties for a third DWI are a prison sentence between 2 and 10 years and up to a ten thousand dollar fine. Also, probation is a possible penalty, along with suspension of your privilege to drive in the state of Texas.

Should I Do Pretrial Counseling To Mitigate My 3rd Time DWI Case In Texas?

We routinely recommend, on a third DWI, getting into a certified alcohol treatment program. Sometimes, inpatient treatment is recommended and sometimes, outpatient treatment is recommended, depending on the severity of the alcohol use and the length of abuse. We usually do an assessment to determine what level of treatment our clients should pursue.

How Does That Bode In Front Of The Prosecutor Or In Front Of The Judge?

It’s a strategy we use because it shows a level of proactive participation on the part of the client. It can help in creating a more lenient outcome for the client. It shows we’re being proactive not just in resolving the case, but also for the good of society.

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device is an electronic device that is attached to your vehicle. It is typically installed, by order of the court, on second and third DWI cases. The device prevents the car from starting, if there is a trace of alcohol in the user’s breath.

Are These Generally Required In Every Third DWI Case?

Ignition interlock devices are required in all 2nd and 3rd DWI cases.

I Refused A Breathalyzer Test On My Third DWI In Texas. What Are The Consequences?

The consequences of refusing a breath test are that the Texas Department of Public Safety will immediately begin proceedings to suspend your privilege to drive in the state of Texas. Additionally, the police may get a warrant and draw your blood to determine your blood alcohol level.

Will I Be Released On A Bond Or On Bail After A Third DWI Arrest In Texas?

Typically, unless there are aggravating circumstances, we see bail or bond set at a reasonable amount on a third DWI charge.

Is It Possible That My DWI Attorney Could Get My Charges Reduced?

We see reductions routinely for a myriad of reasons, such as evidentiary problems, witnesses’ disappearances, and any other number of issues.

I’ve Been Arrested And Charged With DWI For The 3rd Time. Will I Still Be Charged With A Felony DWI If My Previous Convictions Were Over 10 Years Ago?

The state of Texas has changed its laws to allow someone to be charged with driving while intoxicated, regardless of how old the prior convictions are.

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