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We work on both state and federal financial crimes. Within the state court system in Texas, most financial crimes come under the general umbrella of theft. Texas has a general theft statute that covers everything from purse snatching to the most complex financial crimes. We handle all types of state cases, from credit card abuse to theft over a million dollars. In the federal context, there are a variety of statutes that apply to financial crimes, like bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax crimes, and bankruptcy fraud. Another area that we work on in the financial crimes sector is money laundering. There is both state and federal money laundering. Our firm has a lot of experience managing both state and federal money laundering cases. A lot of these cases will use digital data in an investigation which is why we ensure that it was extracted and preserved correctly using a company that specializes in digital forensics as you can find right here.

Who Generally Prosecutes White Collar Financial Crimes?

Within the federal system, the United States Attorney for the district in which the crime occurred would be the primary prosecuting authority. Different law enforcement agencies work with the US Attorney’s office in prosecuting white collar financial crimes. Those include the FBI, the DEA, the Postal Inspection Service, and many other agencies. For example, the Small Business Administration has an office of Inspector General, which prosecutes financial crimes. At the state level, financial crimes are prosecuted by the District Attorney for the county in which the crime occurred.

I’ve Been Charged With Wire Fraud. How Is It Determined To Be A State Or Federal Offense?

Wire fraud will generally be considered a federal offense. Some of the agencies that prosecute it are the FBI and the Postal Inspection Service. One of the big factors in determining whether the case will be brought at the state court level or the federal level is the amount of money that is claimed to have been involved in the crime.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Indicted On Financial Criminal Charges?

The first thing you should do, if you’ve been indicted, is contact a competent attorney, who specializes in the area of criminal defense. The immediate benefit you will get from having a lawyer specialized in this area will be managing the initial proceedings that are involved in the case. Almost certainly, if you’ve been indicted, you’ve already been arrested and made an initial appearance. If you have not yet been arrested, the lawyer that you hire can negotiate your surrender, a reasonable bond, and begin communicating with the government. Under no circumstance should you ever speak to an agent of the government without having a lawyer by your side.

If I Committed A Financial Crime And Turned Myself In, Will I Avoid Jail Or Prison Time?

It’s important to have a lawyer who will advocate on your behalf in determining what the punishment is or if there will be a punishment for the crime in question. You need someone who is going to get in front of the prosecuting authorities and aggressively advocate on your behalf to explain the context of what occurred and who you are as a person.

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