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We routinely represent people charged with transporting large amounts of drugs, narcotics trafficking, and personal use.

What Are The Drug Penalty Groups In Texas?

The penalty ranges are usually driven by the amount of the substance that is possessed.

Does The Type Of Drug Have An Impact On Charges And Potential Penalties?

The type of drug has a major impact on charges and potential penalties.

Could A Drug Charge Conviction Cost Me My Driver’s License?

Almost always, if you’re convicted of possessing a controlled substance, your driver’s license will be immediately suspended.

Can Police Automatically Search A Vehicle If They Believe The Driver Or Passengers Possess Illegal Drugs?

There is no automatic search. Police must develop reasonable suspicion that you are in possession of drugs to search your vehicle or ask your consent to search.

Are There Plausible Defenses To Serious Drug Crime Charges In Texas?

We routinely deploy defenses that are based on lack of probable cause for vehicle searches or home searches. We can contest search warrants that are obtained by the police. Usually, the justification for search is our primary defensive tactic. Attacking the law enforcement search is our number one area to look for a defense.

Should I Go To Drug Treatment Or Seek Counseling While My Drug Case Is Ongoing?

Treatment is a sometimes beneficial to our clients when we’re going to be asking the prosecutors or the courts for leniency and following a plea deal.

What Are Potential Punishments For A Texas Drug Crime Conviction?

Drug crime punishments can run anywhere from deferred adjudication probation to prison time. There are a number of different possible penalties.

Are Any Alternative Programs Available For First Time Drug Offenders In Texas?

Depending on the amount and type of drugs, we see deferred eligibility for first time offenders. There can also be pretrial diversion for those who possess amounts that are clearly within personal use amounts.

Can I Face Drug Possession Charges If Drugs Are Found In A Vehicle Where I Was A Passenger?

Passengers in vehicles where drugs are found are routinely charged, along with the driver of the vehicle. It requires a defense based on facts and law. We have to do a deep dive into the facts of where the drugs were in the car. Were they in a container? There are a number of factual variables that we would need to explore to properly defend you. The police aren’t going to take the time to explore all the factual nuances. They typically will charge everyone and let you sort it out.

Should I Take My Drug Related Case To Trial?

On a state drug charge, we have to look at the exposure that the client faces to possible prison time versus probation or some pretrial outcome that could be beneficial. Then, we have to look at the facts. There are always facts to understand when it comes to the search justification, analyzing all possible defenses, and the possibility of suppression of evidence due to improper search or police procedures. All of that needs to be carefully analyzed and discussed with the client prior to making the decision to go to trial.

When Would A Drug Charge In Texas Become A Federal Case?

Typically, we see drug charges being taken by the federal government when there are large quantities of drugs being distributed over multiple jurisdictions within a state.

What Penalties Could Someone Face On a Federal Drug Charge?

The most likely penalty on a federal drug charge is prison time.

What Should I Be Looking For In A Houston Drug Defense Attorney?

If you’re charged with a drug possession or trafficking charge in the Houston area, you want to look for an attorney who is experienced in contesting police searches and seizures, depending on where the narcotics were found. Understanding police and law enforcement procedures is paramount in selecting your attorney.

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