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At The Reynal Law Firm, P.C., both Andino Reynal and Joe Magliolo are former federal prosecutors. We’ve handled every type of federal criminal case that can be brought. Between the two of us, we have close to 50 years of experience in federal criminal cases. We have handled everything from misdemeanors to capital murder, complex financial crime, securities fraud, money laundering, and large narcotics cases.

What Are The Differences Between Federal And State Criminal Charges?

The main difference between federal and state criminal charges is that federal charges are handled by the United States Attorney’s office in federal court. State criminal charges are handled by the District Attorney’s office in state court.

Who Is Investigating And Prosecuting My Federal Criminal Case?

In order to find out who is investigating your case, it is important to look at some of the paperwork that has been filed. Affidavits and other agency documents can give you a clue as to what agency is investigating the case. All federal cases are prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s office, which works with a variety of federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Should I Remain Silent If Law Enforcement Tells Me That It Is a Preliminary Investigation Or That I Am A Person Of Interest?

There is almost never anything to be gained, but always a lot to be lost, by speaking to an agent of the government without a competent criminal defense attorney. Anything you say truly can and will be used against you. Miranda warnings exist because the Supreme Court wants you to know, as a citizen, that you should take very seriously any interaction with law enforcement and that you should have an attorney present to help and guide you.

Does Law Enforcement Have To Inform Me Of Exactly What I Am Being Investigated For In A Federal Case?

Law enforcement has no obligation to inform you of the nature of their investigation, the facts of the investigation, or what you are being investigated for. In fact, they have been given the authority to affirmatively misrepresent all of that to you in the course of performing their investigation.

What Happens To Me After I Have Been Arrested And Charged With A Federal Crime?

If you’ve just been arrested and charged, it means that you were recently released on a bond issued by a United States magistrate judge. In all likelihood, this will be the last time that you see the magistrate. After the release proceeding before the magistrate, the case will be assigned to a US District Court judge. That district court judge will issue a scheduling order. On that scheduling order will be important dates for you and your attorney in the march towards a trial. During this period of time, you should be thinking about reviewing the government’s evidence, collecting your own evidence, and any legal objections that can be lodged to the prosecution against you.

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