Representative Cases

In 2018, we represented an individual charged in a six year, fifty-million dollar complex money laundering case. The government claimed our client had been part of a scheme to embezzle money from the State of Tabasco, in Mexico, and then use it to buy properties and luxury goods in the United States. We conducted an international investigation, interviewing witnesses in the United States, Mexico and New Zealand. Ultimately, we were able to have one charge dismissed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for lack of jurisdiction and the second was tried to a not guilty before a federal jury in Corpus Christi.

In 2018, we represented an oil trader accused of wire fraud. The federal government claimed that he had funneled transactions through third parties to avoid U.S. sanctions and received kickbacks on the transactions totaling more than six million dollars. The case  had languished for several years with a different law firm because the government was insisting on prison time and significant financial penalties. We were able to uncover that the United States Attorneys prosecuting the case had undisclosed conflicts of interest. As a result the government agreed to dismiss the wire fraud charges.

In 2018, we represented a local businessman charged with stealing an excavator worth approximately $500,000. The excavator was recovered by police at our client’s job site. We were able to successfully argue that there was nothing linking our client to the theft other than his possession of the stolen excavator and that, in any event, the statute of limitations had run.

In 2017, we represented a man who shot his wife. The DA charged him with aggravated assault deadly weapon and was seeking a long prison sentence. An extensive investigation revealed that the wife had been living a double life and was involved with some unsavory characters, which created doubts about her credibility. These doubts coupled with a forensic reconstruction of the event, allowed us to successfully argue that the shooting was accidental and had occurred while our client was disarming his wife.

In 2017, we represented a foreign executive being investigated for paying bribes to Iraqi officials in the Unaoil case. After hearing from us, the Government changed his classification from Target to Witness. No charges were ever filed against him.

In 2016, we represented a board certified pain management doctor accused of being part of a scheme to overprescribe pain medication to obtain more insurance money. Two factors complicating matters where  twelve dead patients and an ongoing investigation by the Texas Medical Board. At the conclusion of our representation, all charges were dismissed and the doctor retained his medical license. 

In 2015, we represented a man charged in a cold case murder. We conducted our own investigation re-interviewing several witnesses, including one in prison and another in Mexico. After we shared our findings with the DA, all charges were dropped. 

In 2014, we represented a man charged with shaking his infant son. The boy ultimately died.  We assembled a group of the nation’s top experts in the field and were able to obtain a no bill before the grand jury.

In 2016, we represented a company being accused of stealing trade secrets. The case involved civil litigation, bankruptcy litigation and a criminal investigation. Ultimately, the government agreed to a non-prosecution agreement.

In 2014, our lawyers represented a man charged with dragging his wife down the street with his car. After a comprehensive investigation, we were able to locate a witness who would testify that it was the wife who clung to the car as it drove away. The DA dismissed the case the morning of trial.

In 2013, our lawyers represented the former president of a job core center accused of federal funds fraud. We conducted a nationwide investigation, locating former Job Core students, faculty and administrative staff. These interviews led us to request more discovery from the federal government, which revealed undisclosed and exonerating evidence. The case was dismissed.