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Financial Crimes Attorneys in Houston, TX

The term “financial crime” is an umbrella term for a number of crimes involving different forms of theft and fraud. But regardless of the specifics, being charged with a financial crime can be a devastating experience. A financial crime conviction will not only threaten your career, reputation, and relationships with your loved ones, but pose a very real possibility of time in prison. With such serious consequences hanging in the balance, your only option is to hire an expert team of attorneys who’ll fight for your liberty from start to finish. At The Reynal Law Firm, P.C. in Houston, TX, that is what you’ll find.

Financial Crimes in Houston, TX

There are many types of financial crimes that you can be charged with in Houston, TX, including the following:

  • Mail and wire fraud- Mail and wire fraud involves the transmission of fraudulent material or information with the intent to illegally obtain someone’s money or property. When fraudulent material is sent via the US Postal Service or a carrier such as FedEx, it is considered mail fraud, and when fraudulent material is sent via email, text message, or over the internet across state lines, then it is considered wire fraud. It is important to note that an act of wire fraud can only be said to have occurred if it occurred across state lines.
  • Identity theft- When someone attempts to acquire loans, credit cards, or other assets by using another person’s identity, they’ve committed the serious crime of identity theft. However, there are many possible defenses to claims of identity theft, including authorized use of another’s information, lack of intent to commit a crime, and the inability to prove that a person willingly committed identity theft.
  • Money laundering- Money laundering is a state and federal crime that’s carried out in an attempt to hide the original source of money so as to cover up the illegal activity associated with that money. Anyone who has been arrested or is under investigation for money laundering in Houston, TX could face harsh penalties and should immediately seek guidance from an experienced financial crimes attorney.
  • Bank fraud- Bank fraud occurs when fraudulent acts are carried out within or against a financial In essence, the end goal is the same as that of a bank robbery: to illegally obtain money. The difference is that bank fraud is generally committed in silence, with every effort to remain unnoticed. The crime of bank fraud in Houston, TX is serious but not impossible to combat with the right defense argument from the right financial crimes attorney.
  • Securities fraud- Securities fraud occurs when someone misleads or misrepresents an asset or company for the purposes of encouraging investments by unassuming investors. What many don’t know, however, is that another person must act on the basis of the misleading or misrepresented information in order for law enforcement to convict the suspect of securities fraud; if no one acts then no one should be convicted. Among others, this is one of the first defenses a knowledgeable financial crimes attorney should consider.
  • Commercial bribery- According to the Texas Penal Code, commercial bribery occurs when “A person who is a fiduciary…without the consent of his beneficiary… intentionally or knowingly solicits, accepts, or agrees to accept any benefit from another person on agreement or understanding that the benefit will influence the conduct of the fiduciary in relation to the affairs of his beneficiary.” Both corporations and small businesses conducting interstate business could encounter the problem of commercial bribery, but not all accusations are true. Proving that to be the case is best done by an experienced financial crimes attorney.
  • Embezzlement- When an employee steals money or assets from a company by which they’re employed, they could face a charge of In Texas, there are three levels of embezzlement: first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. Each degree is defined by the amount of money embezzled and the potential prison sentence associated, with third-degree embezzlement being the least serious and first-degree embezzlement being the most serious. Anyone who suspects that they might be the subject of an investigation for embezzlement in Houston, TX should refrain from making any statements to the authorities and obtain a financial crimes attorney as soon as possible.
  • Tax evasion- Depending on the circumstances surrounding a charge of tax evasion, it could be considered a state or federal crime in Houston, TX. In order to convict a potential offender, a prosecutor must prove that the offender intended to break the law by avoiding payment of taxes. Prosecutors are not always able to do this, particularly when the defendant has a strong financial crimes attorney by their side.
  • Bankruptcy fraud- Bankruptcy is designed to help people who have hit their financial rock bottom; it generally gives people a chance to eliminate their existing debt which has become impossible to manage, start with a clean slate, and rebuild their credit. Simply put, bankruptcy fraud occurs when someone takes advantage of the bankruptcy system or lies during the process of bankruptcy for the purposes of financial gain. Bankruptcy fraud seems to be on the rise, which means attempts to convict those who’ve committed it are on the rise as well. Unfortunately, this can lead to many false assumptions, accusations, and convictions. If accused of this crime, it would be best to immediately contact a financial crimes attorney.

What Are The Common Financial Crime Cases That Your Firm Handles?

We work on both state and federal financial crimes. Within the state court system in Texas, most financial crimes come under the general umbrella of theft. Texas has a general theft statute that covers everything from purse snatching to the most complex financial crimes. We handle all types of state cases, from credit card abuse to theft over a million dollars. In the federal context, there are a variety of statutes that apply to financial crimes, like bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax crimes, and bankruptcy fraud. Another area that we work on in the financial crimes sector is money laundering. There is both state and federal money laundering. Our firm has a lot of experience managing both state and federal money laundering cases. Read More

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