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What Are Common Federal Criminal Cases That Your Firm Handles?

At Fertitta & Reynal LLP, both Andino Reynal and Joe Magliolo are former federal prosecutors. We’ve handled every type of federal criminal case that can be brought. Between the two of us, we have close to 50 years of experience in federal criminal cases. We have handled everything from misdemeanors to capital murder, complex financial crime, securities fraud, money laundering, and large narcotics cases. Read More

How Do The Sentencing Guidelines Work In Federal Criminal Court?

Since 1986, sentencing in federal court is done according to United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual. In the early 2000s, that manual became advisory rather than obligatory. The judge is required to consider the manual and the correctly calculated guideline range but is not bound by the guideline range. Whether or not you are eligible for probation will revolve around the specific guidelines for your case. The guidelines manual creates different guideline sections for different types of crimes. Each one of those guideline sections assigns a numerical value to the characteristics of the offense and a numerical value to the characteristics of the defendant. Read More

Federal criminal charges include illegal activity that crosses state lines or violate certain federal statutes. Any legal matter that involves the United States Constitution or any of the laws passed by Congress also falls under federal jurisdiction. While all criminal charges are to be taken seriously, an accusation of a federal offense is especially grave for your reputation, as a federal conviction on your record will appear more severe to future employers.

In Houston, Texas and the surrounding area, Fertitta & Reynal is the leading criminal defense firm when it comes to aggressively defending yourself from federal criminal charges. Offering the experience and insight of two former federal prosecutors, Fertitta & Reynal can prepare you to fight hard for your legal rights and your future livelihood. If you’ve been charged with one of the following crimes, contact us today:

  • Narcotics trafficking, including possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance.
  • Economic offenses, including wire fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud, bankruptcy fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering.
  • Immigration fraud, including marriage fraud and visa fraud.
  • Environmental crimes, including violations of RICRA and the Clean Air Act.
  • Bribery Offenses, including violations of the FCPA.
  • Customs offenses, including violations of IEEPA.
Financial Crimes Attorneys in Houston, TX

The term “financial crime” is an umbrella term for a number of crimes involving different forms of theft and fraud. But regardless of the specifics, being charged with a financial crime can be a devastating experience. A financial crime conviction will not only threaten your career, reputation, and relationships with your loved ones, but pose a very real possibility of time in prison. With such serious consequences hanging in the balance, your only option is to hire an expert team of attorneys who’ll fight for your liberty from start to finish. At Fertitta & Reynal in Houston, TX, that is what you’ll find. Read More

In addition to criminal defense, Fertitta & Reynal assists companies in investigating and prosecuting theft or fraud by their employees, represents crime victims seeking justice, and assists companies in cooperating with criminal investigations.


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