F. Andino Reynal

RDSC_7035Appointed by United States Attorney General Eric Holder to serve as a federal prosecutor for the Southern District of Texas, Andino Reynal was a member of the Organized Crime Strike Force.

While at the United States Attorney’s Office, Andino successfully tried white-collar cases, public corruption cases, and major drug trafficking cases.
Andino left the United States Attorney’s Office in 2012 to re-enter private practice. Since then, he has been invited back into public service to act as a special prosecutor for Harris County and a member of the U.S. Magistrate Judge Selection/Review Committee.

Andino’s approach to criminal cases is driven by his strong work ethic and dedication to his clients. Lawyers who rely on simply poking holes in the prosecution’s case are doomed to fail more often than they succeed. Andino develops a theory of the case, supported by the facts, which is consistent with innocence. This theory becomes the centerpiece of the defense.

Some of Andino’s Notable Cases Include

In 2013, Andino represented the chief executive officer of a job core center accused by the federal government of fraud. Early in the case, the government offered the executive probation in exchange for a guilty plea. The prosecutors promised to “bury her under the courthouse” if she rejected their offer. Believing in her trial team and innocence, the executive rejected the plea. All charges were dismissed two weeks before trial.

In 2015, in a high publicity case, Andino represented a former Ms. Universe charged with the felony offense of interfering with a flight crew. Andino was hired after the clients previous attorney advised her to plead guilty. Shortly before trial, the government offered the client probation if she pled guilty. She rejected the offer and was acquitted by the jury.

In 2016, Andino represented a small business man charged in a cold case murder. The case was brought with much fanfare 20 years after the murder occurred. Andino set about re-interviewing all the government’s witnesses. During that process, a witness solicited a bribe to change his testimony, which was captured on recording, and another witness flat out exonerated the client. The case was dismissed.

In 2016, Andino represented an executive being investigated for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by bribing foreign officials to win lucrative oil field service contracts in the Middle East. At the beginning of the representation, the government had the client categorized as a Target. After hearing from Andino and his team, he was re-designated as a witness.

In 2017, in a high publicity case, Andino represented an individual charged with money laundering and bank fraud related to the alleged theft of $50 million dollars from the Mexican state of Tabasco. Andino brought the case to trial in 5 months. All charges were resolved in his client’s favor.