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"Professional and compassionate. There is no other option when it comes to finding representation. During the hardest times you can lean on Fertitta and his dedicated team."K.C J
"Great attornies with a wealth of knowledge. If you are in need of a great defense look no forward."Pierre P.
“Mr. Zachary Fertitta handled my case gracefully. He was with me every step of the way. Answered phone calls at all hours. If he missed a call he would make sure to get back with me within that day. I was arrested for self defense and had hired a different attorney before Mr. Fertitta who did nothing with my case. I was set for trial because the attorney before just let it ride out. Mr. Fertitta built my case up and got it dismissed in Fort Bend County. He is a gentleman, polite and a fantastic attorney.” Emily
"Mr. Fertitta is a force to be reckoned with. The case was a complex matter involving my business/livelihood and i needed an attorney who would look at the case in a technical manner. We sat down and went over my case and i was delighted when he started asking questions that i had been asking for a while, which my other defense attorney would not acknowledge or try to work with. This attorneys work gave me my life back. He was very aggressive in court and an overall very easy to talk to and understand..... Definitely hire Mr. Fertitta if you are dealing with a case that needs a very talented / skilled attorney."A Satisfied Client
"About six months ago I was pulled over after having a few drinks on Washington. I didn't blow, but obviously I failed the field test. They recorded me. I was charged with DWI. After getting bailed out, that week I went online looking for a criminal defense attorney. I really didn't know how much it was going to cost or who to call. I called the Ferttita Law Firm as it was listing on Google. I met with Zach and he explained my options. I guess no lawyer can guarantee you will get off, but he thought I had a good case. I went ahead and met with two other DWI lawyers to make sure his cost was in-line. He was the middle of the two, but definitely closer to the higher end. I'm still not exactly sure what all he did (as I referenced in my rating of average for him keeping me informed), but at the end of the day I had everything dropped. Obviously that’s all I really care about. I really didn’t want a DWI/DUI on my record. The only thing I would recommend is if you contact the law firm, to request Zach. I’m not sure how many lawyers work there, but he was who helped me and clearly I’m satisfied."A Satisfied Client