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The Reynal Law Firm, P.C.

The experience and knowledge of the attorneys at The Reynal Law Firm is not limited to state and federal criminal defense. Our experienced Houston, Texas lawyers also offer legal services in civil matters and in matters of regulatory violations or investigations, including expertly negotiating with licensing agencies. Our attorneys:

  • Assist companies in investigating and prosecuting theft or fraud by their employees.
  • Represent crime victims seeking justice.
  • Aid in Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement Actions.
  • Assist with cooperation in IRS Audits
  • Aid in Texas Medical Board Investigations

Whether your company is being investigated for possible regulatory violations, is being sued by another business or individual, or seeks legal advice in order to become or remain compliant with regulations, The Reynal Law Firm can help. When it comes to civil or regulatory matters, it is important to get an attorney involved immediately, before matters get out of hand and you find yourself in too deep.

If you need to defend yourself or your business from civil accusations, lawsuits, or regulatory investigations, you need to invest in passionate and competent legal representation right now. You will not regret bringing the seasoned Houston, Texas attorneys at The Reynal Law Firm onto your case at the very first sign of legal trouble. We are worth it and so are you.


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