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Family violence occurs when a person commits an act with the intention of physically harming a member of their family or household. It can also occur when a person threatens a member of their family or household in such a way that the victim fears for their safety or well-being. This means that physical assault or contact between the perpetrator and victim is not always necessary in order for a perpetrator to be charged with a family violence offense. In addition to physical injury, victims of family violence can suffer lasting, often permanent emotional and mental injury. Emotional injuries—in addition to harsh and undue legal consequences—can also be inflicted upon those who have been wrongly accused of committing an act of family violence.

If you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of such an accusation in Houston, TX, you should seek immediate counsel from an experienced assault and family violence attorney. After completing a thorough assessment of the circumstances surrounding your charge and examining the evidence that the prosecutor has against you, your attorney will initiate their own investigation into the facts of the case and begin building the best possible defense on your behalf. The following are just a few of the most common defenses to charges of family violence in Houston, TX:

  • Denial- One defense is claiming that you simply did not commit the act, and that the injury suffered by the victim was inflicted by someone else. In the absence of evidence, family violence cases often become a matter of one person’s word against another’s, and in such situations, the strength of your assault and family violence attorney will play a significant role in your ability to walk free.
  • Self-defense- It is not at all uncommon for a person to accuse another of assaulting them, when in fact they initiated the attack against the person they have accused. Under Texas law, self-defense is a viable defense to the charge of family violence. An experienced assault and family violence attorney will know what to analyze, such as the nature of the injuries sustained by the victim, the victim’s statement which could include self-incriminating elements, and the police report to determine how the responding and arresting officer interpreted the situation at the time.
  • Claiming that the act which caused injury was unintentional- In order for prosecutors to convict someone of family violence in Houston, TX, they must show that they willingly and intentionally committed the act. Accidents can certainly result in physical and even psychological harm, but that doesn’t in itself warrant a family violence A good assault and family violence attorney will be able to identify and collect evidence which supports the claim that an act occurred accidentally.
What Is An Assault Involving Family Violence In Texas?

Assault involving family violence in Texas could be physical contact, grabbing, pushing, scratching, kicking, biting, or anything that causes an injury to another or physical intimidation. The level of offense charged will have to do with the type of threat, whether or not there is imminent fear, and/or the level of injury. Read More

There are many other possible defenses available, each of which can be curtailed to an individual case at hand. If you’re being investigated for an assault or family violence crime, there is no time to delay; contact the experienced and compassionate assault and family violence attorneys at The Reynal Law Firm in Houston, TX today.


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