People come to us when they need real help, right now. They want back their good name and peace of mind. They want lawyers that are accessible, give their cases all the attention they deserve, and know how to win. We are always available — and we treat each case with the utmost importance, as if we ourselves were the client. Like our clients, we understand that winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

We have been recognized as among the best criminal lawyers in Texas. We handle all types of criminal matters, both State and Federal. Our lawyers include 3 former Harris County prosecutors and two former Federal prosecutors. Our collective experience includes hundreds of jury trials in State and Federal court.

Aside from our qualifications and experience, what distinguishes us is our team approach. A team of lawyers is more effective than a single lawyer in solving a client’s problems, particularly when they involve significant complexity.

We serve clients through a team-based approach by providing studied legal advice, helping clients understand the many laws and regulations that affect their case, and representing clients in negotiations, litigation, and other matters.

We understand that a person charged with a crime needs a trusted advisor as much as a courtroom brawler. We advise and accompany our clients at every step of the process. We deal with law enforcement, obtain bonds, work with pre-trial services, talk to employers, negotiate with licensing agencies, deal with the press, and break the news to loved ones and friends.

We believe that everyone makes mistakes, including State and Federal law enforcement. Our criminal justice system is flawed. Our goal is to get you out of the system, so that you can get your life back.