Road experience trial attorneys in houston texas

experienced trial attorneys in houston, texas

Our lawyers successfully handle cases in courts across the country. We bring a unique blend of talent, tenacity and teamwork to every case we handle in the relentless pursuit of the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our team of professional lawyers. Reach out to us if you need
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We provides legal expertise and services across a wide range of areas.

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“Hands Down the Absolute BEST Criminal Defense Firm in Texas. Zack & Andino are true experts in their discipline & execute with professionalism. Both are super responsive & will exceed your expectations. I love this firm because they’re hungry & in the prime of their careers- they care about their clients & the future of their clients’ lives. You will not find better strategists & “out of the box” thinkers. If you need true trial attorneys who love pushing the envelope & prepare all their cases for trial, these are your guys. I have also referred many clients to their firm & all come back thanking me for the introduction. When your life is on the line you want to know your attorney cares just as much about your case– their actions show it. These guys are all about teamwork, strategy & out thinking the gov’t. This is the ONLY boutique firm who has an in-house team of highly experienced investigators who help prep their cases from day one! Trust me, hire them & allow them to WIN your case!”


“Andino and Zack are not only fantastic trial lawyers but amazing individuals. They took my case and worked to understand very complex financial transactions and very complex federal statutes. I always felt I knew exactly where things stood with my case and that they were always working on my behalf. I appreciated the honest assessments and solid advice. The entire staff at FR Law is amazing! You can not go wrong with the FR team working on your side.”

Jeffrey S.

“Andino and his team carried out a dispassionate evaluation of my case in a highly objective and methodical manner, offered sincere empathy, professional guidance and advice – and, executed the entire process flawlessly to a successful closure efficiently. Andino is a brilliant attorney with a fine blend of professional and personal attributes, and a pleasure to work with.”

Mazhar M.

“All the attorneys at this firm are professional and well educated in the appropriate forms of jurisprudence, they do tireless research and study about your specific case. I have been involved with them for 10 years and I would recommend them in any situation.”

JB Bryan

“Great experience with Andino and Zack, I would highly recommend this Firm.”

Benjamin B.

“Professional and compassionate. There is no other option when it comes to finding representation.”


“Great attorneys with a wealth of knowledge. If you are in need of a great defense look no further.”

Pierre P.

“Mr. Zachary Fertitta handled my case gracefully. He was with me every step of the way. Answered phone calls at all hours. If he missed a call he would make sure to get back with me within the day. I was arrested for self defense and had hired a different attorney before Mr. Fertitta who did nothing with my case. I was set for trial because the attorney before just let it ride out. Mr. Fertitta built my case up and got it dismissed in Fort Bend County. He is a gentleman, polite and a fantastic attorney.”


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